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After Death Communication

      For most of us, the human experience is all about communication with other human beings. We each start out crying, cuddling, and clinging to those we love, and from there we each evolve and emerge as our need to communicate with those we share our world with becomes more and more complex and nuanced. Death is the greatest transition that any of us will ever make, but this most fundamental aspect of humanity has proven to be one that survives this transition.

      In spite of its seemingly miraculous nature, it's not uncommon for a person to experience an After-Death Communication ( otherwise known as an ADC )  from a recently passed loved one. In fact, the percentages actually favor such an event, although there aren't any hard, fast rules concerning ADC, especially when it comes to the nature of the communication or which of the perhaps many loved ones of the deceased can expect to experience an ADC. It can often be the case that the person closest and most loved by the deceased will never experience anything whatsoever, while those more ancillary to the life of the departed will report contact. Just as often, this leaves the "neglected" feeling confused and a bit slighted.

      As is the point of this blog, I feel that it might be helpful if the logistical nuts and bolts of an ADC were laid out for folks who've either dealt with the death of a loved one or are preparing for such an event. Especially the issues concerning those ADC events that feature the freshly passed and those select few that end up being physiologically available for whatever the departed has quickly pitched together as a parting communiqué.

      To preview one really critical takeaway point before I go any further; if your mom or dad or husband or wife or whomever it is, leaves forever without stopping by on their way out, don't make the tragic mistake of taking it as an indication concerning the depth of love that this person felt for you. There are way too many reasons why one corporeal brain versus another is available ( or not ) for an ADC, and as is true about so much in life, timing isn't everything; it's the only thing. Just remember this, even if you forget everything else I have here about After-Death Communication going forward.

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