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Hell: The Default Failsafe Against Invulnerable Evil



      The greatest challenge facing the Informational Realm is the physical nature of Dynamic Information. The fact that Information is eternal and invulnerable presents specific dangers when dealing with human beings. To suggest to the developing human being that it is inherently eternal, indestructible, and indomitable is – for some gestating humans – akin to handing them the keys to everything and putting them on the "honor system". As if such a boneheaded move – in such specific cases – would result in anything but misery and malevolence inflicted upon other humans, and in short order.

      Historically, managing this particular threat as posed by humans originating on Earth has involved an ingenious manipulation of the uniquely human capacity for crafting a subjective Reality interpretation; leveraging the inherent vulnerability that perception translation presents to that which is so gifted. Over thousands of years, and through a wide variety of traditional narratives, those responsible for preparing this gestating population have firmly established the notion that a life that's been devoted to evil and to human predation faces an inevitable justice that is inflicted upon all that exists by an ultimate authority.

      Descriptions of this authority range from highly defined archetypical personifications to extremely rigid cause-effect defaults, and while each person is always free to consciously embrace or dismiss this cross-cultural axiom, at its core level, every person that has ever lived and learned within any community of fellow human beings on this planet has inhaled and internalized this very simple and very malleable concept to the degree that it dominates to a visceral certitude regardless of what one chooses to believe or reject concerning the fundamental nature of Reality.


      The net impact of this programming is that as soon as the gestating human being is finally born into the eternal realm of humanity, that certitude is immediately triggered by

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