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Our Emergent Universe:

How the Change/Event Became Spatial

    Regardless of the approach you take, if what you're trying to establish is a plausible hypothesis that details the uninterrupted progressive development chain that started with the genesis of physical existence and worked its way naturally to where the whole of Reality features all that sits right there before us, there are specific transition points that you're going to have to spend time and effort on. That means diving into detail, and getting really specific about your theories associated with these critical transitions.

    Since AutoGenesism is primarily focused on the earliest stages of progressive development, and how those primordial drivers and qualifiers set the existential table for higher level rinse-repeat developmental progress, the real key is to fully flesh out how Reality makes its way from the simple change/event trajectory to the kind of trajectory that material existence is based on; the change/spatial trajectory. And to do it without any sleight of hand or reinvention of what constitutes physical Reality – like adding dimensions and other stuff like that.

    What is so special about the change/spatial trajectory, and what's all that about material existence (particles and energy fields) being based on spatial change? In the off-chance that you've stumbled upon this digression without the benefit of having read and understood Sections I and II, I'll briefly overview the true structural nature of matter's building block; the particle. In the interest to keeping this digression from falling prey to further digression, I'll be specific and keep my focus as elementary as possible as I do this.

    Of all true particles, the Quark is widely considered to be the most elemental. Let's bullet point a description of any one from a family of Quarks (doesn't matter which family we choose) and describe it as it is, and not as it's perceived and/or measured by an observer with a super-collider.

    This Quark:

  • Exists within the arc of a change/event trajectory

  • Consists of a relative density of entangled change/spatial trajectories (each of which exists within an arc of an individual change/event trajectory)

  • Features a trajectory entanglement that is based on each spatial (change/event) trajectory serving as holons that are contextually associated (as a result of how they were formed) in a manner that provides the apical holon structure (the Quark itself) its full contextual identity, and thereby its own physical existence.

​​And there you have the physical structure of a Quark; any Quark.


*Note* - In Section I, I fully explain the reason why these change/spatial trajectories have become entangled (massing with a specific density) but for the sake of this quick overview, I'll simply state that each trajectory holon extends its own Identity Survival by becoming integral to the internal (historical) context that defines and provides Identity to the Quark as the apical holon that it is. Simple Identity Survival; the impetus for all that occurs and develops.

      So, with entangled change/spatial trajectories comprising the material structure of the Quark, it's important that we deal with the emergence of the change/spatial trajectory, since everything that is comprised of Quarks is ultimately constructed of entangled change/spatial trajectories. And if we want to connect the true quantum of material existence (the change/event unit) to the change/spatial trajectory, we'll need to go through the kinetic energy field (arguably the most primordial of all potential energy fields) to get there. And this is exactly what we're going to do.

Fields, Energies, and Mass

     The build-up of force in any system is called potential energy, but what does this actually mean? What's true about any force potential is that to create it, there must be a requirement that is introduced into whatever system it is that will ultimately contain this force potential. As to what the nature of this requirement must be, it's fairly wide open. It can be as primitive as an object that's been lifted off the ground to create the gravitational requirement that it travel back to the ground again. It can be more highly developed. Perhaps an isolated electrical current that is naturally required (once inductively established) to complete its flow to ground. Whatever it is, it is the requirement that has been introduced that creates that energy potential, and it's just that simple.

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