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"Inhuman" Entities and The InterRealm

      I’d like to take a look at a troubling notion that’s begun to dominate a lot of cable TV’s paranormal programming treatment of InterRealm contact between corporeal and post-corporeal humanity lately; the existence of demonic infestation. Mainly, I’d like to take a moment and examine exactly what that might be, what it cannot be, and why it is that 21st century modern, technology-centric cultures persist in embracing the idea that demons and inhuman spirits exist.

      The notion itself is pretty straightforward. At some point in the past, God kicked Satan and all of his minions out of Heaven because they rebelled, and I guess they tried to take over . . . ? I don’t know. It’s all pretty vague as to what exactly Satan and his gang actually tried to accomplish, but the bottom line is that they became enemies of God, and even though God created them and could’ve simply eliminated every last of one them with a simple word to that effect, he decided to toss them out and allow them to hole up in an underground lair, where they would be free to scheme and wreak havoc on God’s only other ongoing interest; humanity. Yet another example of “Who can know the mind of God?”

      Naturally, I’ve worked for years to understand what, if anything, this specific phenomenon might actually represent, since my own understanding of Reality doesn’t allow for the existence of gods [of any kind whatsoever], demons, angels, heavens, or hells. In that time, I’ve come upon my own set of hypotheses concerning these 'things' and what they might be.

The Asshole Hypothesis

      My natural assumption has generally been that these demonic presences are just assholes. Like the coworker who does whatever he [or she] can to make life miserable for whomever he [or she] has selected for unwarranted and unwanted attention, this nasty little prick gets a charge out of being as devilish as possible. Especially if it can pass itself off as demonic, and therefore immeasurably more threatening than just the asshole that it actually is and was when it [he or she] was stranded inside a meat suit like the rest of us.

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