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       Ever wonder what it’s going to take to force the mainstream scientific world to even allow the existence of paranormal activity to become a legitimate question? It all comes down to the fundamental influence of a primary definition of reality. Science refers to this definition as a paradigm.

      As the approved definition of real, a scientific paradigm is the context that researchers place all discoveries within. To put this into perspective, the Western World’s last truly comprehensive and fully relatable universal scientific paradigm was offered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1727. In fact, Newton’s paradigm is still the primary basis of what can and cannot be allowed to officially exist as real. And this is despite all existing evidence.

      Of course, the extraordinary reach and precision of modern observation technologies has since revealed a lot of holes in the Newtonian paradigm; more than enough to demand a complete reexamination of the fundamental structure of reality. The confounding impact of Einstein’s theories of Relativity have proven that a new universal scientific paradigm is needed that is capable of connecting the quantum to the cosmological, and bringing both into alignment with what insists on being relentlessly obvious to tens of thousands of people every year. AutoGenesism® is that universal scientific paradigm.

      The focus of this site is the true nature of the human being and how it fits, as natural and necessary, into the whole of physical reality as defined by this unprecedented paradigm. There's a lot more here than it might seem at first glance. Enormous questions are addressed throughout with revolutionary insight. If you see a photo, click on it and see what happens. If you see a book, click on the edge of a page and see if the page turns. 

What’s the difference between a black hole and a ghost?

The survival of  Einstein’s                     General Theory of Relativity                 doesn’t require the existence of ghosts

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