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The Physics Department deals with difficult theoretical issues, and it's been that way since Newton sat under that apple tree back in the day. It's been one theoretical dead end after another for the Cosmology Department too, and from the very beginning.


The problem? The Scientific Paradigm that they labor under dismisses the physical existence of Information.


Maybe it's the woolliness of the English language, with the definition of information ranging quite a bit depending on who's using the term. But the truth is that regardless of the scientific discipline, if the definition you're using isn't describing a material object or a measurable field of structural influence, then you're not "doing science".


The existence of non-material physical reality is still a controversial notion, but should it be? Does Information actually exist as a foundational substrate of non-material residual fact sets brought into physical actuality in default response to each quantum of change? Check this clip out and see what you think.

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