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The following is an excerpt from the book "AutoGenesism: A Rational Theory of Everything". This is likely to be the book's most controversial assertion, since most folks feel as though the specific occurrence that launched physical reality is something that cannot be known by anyone [well, except for those people who hold fast to any one of many "just so" stories concerning how some god or other blinked the whole of everything into existence]. The truth is that the details of this specific occurrence can be known by anyone with patience, intellectual discipline, and a decent background in science/logic basics. And as you read on, it'll become clear as to why this has to be the case.

      If any of this distresses you, then good. Get back to us with what you disagree with here, and let's start a conversation.

Existential Genesis

    Before I get into this, I’m going to admit that I feel a bit intimidated here as I begin this attempt to accurately describe the instant of existential genesis in the way that I envision it. I made some diagrams, and hope that they will help, but I know that this has never been successfully accomplished. Still, regardless of how successful this effort comes off, I have sworn an oath (to myself, I suppose) that I will not allow any of this description to devolve into yet another worthless display of poetic esotericism.

     Metaphor has its value, and having been primarily a songwriter and poet throughout my life, I’m as fluent as anyone in the art of linguistic abstraction. However, this topic has already been thoroughly butchered by poets, allegorists, philosophers, religionists, songwriters, and most recently, shameless professional semanticists; with the result being that no one has any idea how to even define a proper evaluation of the question: What happened that resulted in the existence of physical Reality?.

  I believe that the only real way to approach the question of  
initial genesis is as an investigation of something that happened.

    I believe that the only real way to approach the question of initial genesis is as an investigation of something that happened. That probably seems like an obvious statement, but when was the last time you read or watched an actual examination of the transitional event that brought physical Reality into existence? Most people might point to a program about the Big Bang they watched on The Discovery Channel. However, the many examinations and explanations of the theoretical Big Bang have nothing to do with that singular and unprecedented instant of existential genesis. Here, let me explain.

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