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Human Being

Is your life meaningful? Is anything important being accomplished as you make your way through each day and do the best you can to simply meet each challenge with dignity and grace? The short answer is "yes", but it's likely that you've never viewed your life as the critical 2nd stage of human gestation that it is.

The presentations linked below can help you begin the process of taking control of the emerging you, and bring you that much closer to realizing this brilliant opportunity that's always been yours.

That's right. The human being is not a flesh and blood material manifestation. While it is still being brought into physical existence by the sapient brain's response to the pursuit of ongoing survival, we refer to the human being as "the human mind". Once that brain has died, many of us refer to the human being as "the human spirit". That means that your eternal self is, right now, under construction.

Learning how this gestational process works is the best way to take control of what too often falls victim to circumstance and the powerful influence of friends, family, and cultural expectations.

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