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The InterRealm

Probably the most danced-around question within the whole of science is the question of how material structure achieves the kind of stability it takes to simply exist [i.e. the Laws of Physics, consistent ramification, and universal constants]. To address this question, you have to move past the limitations of the present materialistic paradigm and allow for the existence of a symbiotic relationship between entangled change [material structure] and the fact of change [residual information sets]. If you do this, you will discover compelling forensic evidence that this relationship does indeed exist, transforming your hunt for Reality's 'real' into a true paradigm revolution; AutoGenesism.

      Reality is the ongoing relationship between these two primary existential constituents - change and the fact that change occurred - yet they occupy completely incompatible realms [the Material and the Informational Realms respectively]. The InterRealm is where this primordial relationship between material structure and information takes place  So, what has this got to do with the science of paranormal research? Pretty much everything.

      When the material brain emerged, it created Information sets that initiate change to serve the survival needs of the organism. The InterRealm hosts the relationship between these dynamic information sets and the systems they manage. When the brain became capable of responding to survival with sapience and abstraction [human conscious self-awareness] The InterRealm began to host all active interaction between fully emerged humans and those engaged in gestational development; the "dead" and the "living" respectively.

       As for Paranormal Research, I see it as the initial steps to scientifically study The InterRealm, the existence of trans-realm human interaction, and the many ways that active information  can act upon material structure like an invisible breeze setting leaves to motion.

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