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Can Paranormal Research
be conducted scientifically?

Our world has been transformed by The Scientific Method, and there's no denying that this one strategic and tactical approach to determining the factual nature of reality lifted our species from the depths of brutal ignorance after millennia of suffering under the rule of raw authority and cult of personality. That said, there are limits to what can be determined empirically or by way of structured experimentation. Then there is the crippling impact of perception's subjective lean on what's already been widely accepted as scientific philosophy's definition of real; the ruling scientific paradigm. How many reasonable interpretations can one research indication possess? That's an important question regardless of what field of inquiry you're engaged in.

     Just click on the book cover link there and choose the kind of free file that will work best for you [Kindle, EPUB or PDF] and take some time with what might just be the most important examination of what's emerging as the paranormal research community's most popular "scientific" approach to studying the things that go bump in the night.

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